The Second Closed Beta of Chrono Tales (the 3D MMO) Launches today!

The second Closed Beta for brand new browser-based 3D MMO Chrono Tales launches today at 21:00 EST and will last for approximately two weeks. The new game has boasts anime-styled 3D graphics via browser. If it sounds like something right up your street you can claim a code from the Chrono Tales CBT Activation Giveaway Page,  but you had better hurry! There are limited places and the beta codes are going fast!

So what does the second closed beta provide? According to the official website the following adjustments have been made:

  • The official gives away one pet, named Flame Steed, to all players

  • The level cap has been raised to Lv 60 with more world bosses and daily instances available.

  • There are now two attractive systems: Divinization and Treasure Plant

  • The hotkey CTRL+Z is available to turn on/off auto combat

  • Server time display has been added to the Event Intro interface

  • Some items have been repriced, such as HP/MP potions

  • Some of the translations have been tweaked.

Once the Beta is over however the data will be wiped, but there will be returns for players who have invested in the Beta and go on to the full release game! Have a look at the official site for more information, and let us know if you’re in the beta!