PlayStation 2 stops being Manufactured after 12 Years

 The year 2000 was the year when Sony released their new console to the world, the PlayStation 2. The successor to the original Playstation managed to sell 150 million units worldwide over its lifespan and has earned the crown for the most successful home games console of all time. Now after 12 years of manufacturing, Sony have decided to close this chapter of their illustrious gaming success as they look forward to the next generation of console gaming.

The PlayStation 2 would come to show great promise, selling 1.52 billion individual games since launch and holding a library of over 10,000 games to its name. The success of this nostalgic console was down to three factors: cunning design, excellent quality games and great timing.

Upon the release of the console, it was the first of its kind to bolster a DVD player. Meaning that it became more than just a simple games console and turned itself into a home media system that the whole family could benefit from. This was the key ingredient that managed to knock it’s competitors out of the water such as the Nintendo Gamecube and Sega Dreamcast as well as becoming the illustrious home of such great titles as Grand Theft Auto III, Final Fantasy X and Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater.

So as we all look forward to the next generation of consoles and begin looking into the rumoured PS4 and the Xbox 720 releases, remember about the good old days of the PS2 and the memories we all hold dear. Many HD revisions as well as PSN releases have solidified that the courages life of this console will surely never be forgotten by those that owned this great piece of kit.

So what are your favourite memories of the PlayStation 2 era and what games do you miss from the good old days? Be sure to leave your comments below as we try to revisit the world of nostalgia yet again.