Dead Space 3: Video demonstration of kinect features

VGU Previously ran an article that detailed the effects of swearing whilst playing Dead Space 3 when playing using Kinect. This article is somewhat of a follow up with a video from EA. On video is the Executive Producer of Dead Space 3, Steve Papoutsis, who explains the use of Kinect and voice-control while they are being demonstrated.

The video shows off feaures such as Co-op voice control, reloading, switching weapons, and how it picks up a huge range of accents and dialect.

Dead Space 3 is set to continue on from Dead Space 1 and 2 in providing an atmospheric and tense experience as players once again take on the Necromorph. The game is due out in February, with dates ranging from the 5th to the 15th.

EDITORS NOTE: I’m not entirely sure about all of this. Yes, it might be fun to use your voice to control the game, but to me it seems like it’s going to break the immersion when you’re shouting out “RELOAD” rather than just hitting the reload button on the controller.