Asiasoft Online Opens Third World for Ragnarok Online 2

 Asiasoft announces today that they have opened the third world for Ragnarok Online 2 and the new world is called Freyja, which is the name of the Nordic Goddess of love, beauty and fertility.

Soon after Open Beta Testing (OBT) phase was opened on 3rd January 2013, Ragnarok Online 2‘s servers were 98% full with players from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Realizing the phenomenal demand from players, Asiasoft has decided to add a third world to accommodate more players  and to ensure the smoothest gaming experience in Ragnarok Online 2 players.

Freyja has been in full operation from 6th January 2013, 10:00 (+8 GMT).

Starting from 7th January 2013 at 10:30 (+8 GMT),  players can gain full access to Ragnarok Online 2‘s Cash Shop to purchase in-game items such as special potions, decorative clothing, equipments and mounts.

To download the game and for more information about the game and its activities, please visit the official Ragnarok Online 2 game website at and its official Facebook fan page at