VGU’s Best Nintendo Games of 2012

2012 has been a slow year for the Nintendo Consoles and only really picked up when the Wii U was released. However, there have been some cracking games for the Nintendo devices and these are VGU’s best ones!


One of the Wii U’s unique original titles and it is a good one!  ZombiU is a zombie survival game done right and really sets up a fantastic atmosphere right from the get go by cleverly implementing the Wii U gamepad and giving the player a world to explore and adventure in. The game draws you in and makes you care for your character and forces you to play the game carefully and efficiently which is something that most games don’t do. When I entered a room and saw some zombies, I didn’t know whether I was going to live or die and I loved that feeling, it’s something I won’t forget in a long while.

Xeno logo

OK OK, technically this game was released before but 2012 but it was released in English this year so deal with it! This game has single handily forced the game industry to reassess the JRPG genre and it’s obvious to see why. The game has cherry picked the parts of some the best loved RPG titles and combined them together to make something very special indeed. With a genuinely unique setting, dynamic and enjoyable combat, likeable and believable characters, an expansive and wondrous story and top notch gameplay this game is not only impressive but also inspires wonder; a must have if you own a Wii.


The Kingdom Hearts games have always had their ups and downs; however, this title in the series is defiantly an up! The story is steadily drawing in to its end and this game not only sets it up but it makes you excited for the series’ conclusion. This combined with the new highly action based battles and lots of things for you to be doing in the worlds which are all full of Disney magic this game is just a joy to play. It does suffer sometimes from being a bit over the top and dialogue heavy but if you get past that you end up with a 3DS title that you will really enjoy playing.

paper mario sticker star

A RPG but not an RPG! Paper Mario games have always been fun to play and this one is no exception. This game is not only very accessible to play but is actually FUN to play. I know it sounds silly but the entire time I was playing the game it was just pure fun, the wonderful music and setting combined with a very simple yet exciting battle system created something very special. It may have come out late in the year but still one of the best titles to come out on the 3DS this year by far.


Continuing the plot and setting from the first set of Black and White games – a first for the series , and not only improving on the story but increasing the size of the world and increasing the number of Pokémon available means that this latest in the Pokémon series is also one of the best. The new additions to the franchise will keep you occupied for a long while and if you can find someone to play the game with your experience will be much better! Also remember to check out the tie in games including a 3DS eShop title and a web browser game which further increase the amount of action you can get from your chosen game!