New Browser Based Final Fantasy Styled Game Released in Japan

sqaure enix world 1

Members of the Japanese Square-Enix members will now be able to use their online avatars in a Final Fantasy styled browser based game where they can battle various Final Fantasy Monsters from various games in the series.

OK, now I am Jealous…

Square Enix: Legend World uses Stage 3D and Flash to make the game seem like a 3D RPG game and can be switched to a simple display or a more active display with 3D avatars fighting the monsters. Square-Enix is now looking out for players willing to sign up for the closed beta test that is set to start very soon. 

sqaure enix world 3

I am really looking forward to playing this, it looks really fun and graphically pleasing and I can only hope they release a version for the USA and Europe!

What do you think of this new game? Do you want to play it? Let us know in the comments below!