The Defiance Beta is taking sign-ups now!

Defiance, the highly anticipated online open world shooter created by Trion Worlds, will be having an open beta January 18-January 20, and they’re inviting players to sign up for its open beta. 

The Beta, called “Advanced Mission Beta 1”, transports the player to a futuristic San Francisco bay area and you take on the role of the ark hunter. What’s an ark hunter? Part mercenary and part treasure hunter, an ark hunter is a genetically enhanced operative dedicated to recovering valuable alien technology and selling it to the highest bidders.

If you manage to get into the beta, you will get access to:

– The tutorial

– The terraformed terrain of Mt. Tam

– The Waterfront competitive multiplayer map

– The Shadow War open world competitive multiplayer

– Arkfall massive co-op battles

Check out the game and enlist for the open beta here. It’s scheduled to start at 8AM PST on the 18th and continue through the weekend, ending at 9PM PST on the 20th. Don’t forget to let us know what you think!