First DmC Review Scores are revealed – is it a 10 or 0?

Every once in a while there comes a game that is either incredibly loved or absolutely hated. The Marmite of the games industry. Ninja theory’s DmC Devil May Cry appears to be that Marmite game – the fans are either loving it or they are hating it completely. Well the first review scores have come in, and it’s looking pretty good for the game in terms of the critic’s views!

The first score came from Swedish magazine LEVEL, who reviewd it and gave the game a great 9/10 score. The review praises the game a lot, commenting on the variety in the level design and the way the world transforms through the story. Even the controls are said to be better than the original games, which is sure to spark something with fans of the previous games but looks fantastic for Ninja Theory’s efforts! Veterans will even enjoy this as it takes a high level of skill to unleash some of the chain combos.

Xbox 360 Magazine UK and GamesMaster followed and have delivered their verdict – Xbox 360 UK, part of the Nowgamer network, have the game another 9/10 score, and GamesMaster gave it a solid 89/100. The only issue they pointed out was a problem with the boss battles, but overall even they loved the game.

As you can expect with this game, fans are pretty eager to give their opinion on how the game looks. These range from saying that the “game doesn’t take what the fans wanted into consideration” and baiting fans of the new game, to “the game plays great and I’m really excited for the release” and “the change in direction is really good, it’s nice to get something fresh for Dante!”

So what do you think? I’ve been a fan of the DmC series from the beginning, and while it doesn’t look identical to previous games I think that could be a good thing! If you want the same old thing, you would replay a game. I can’t wait for it to come out, and you can expect a review on VGU!