Gamers Ceasefire for Sandy Hook But Not All Agree

The CEO of GamerFitNation, Antwand Pearman, started a small movement after the events at Sandy Hook. It was a simple event with a simple message, on the day of the 21st of December; gamers should not play any violent games in order to show their respect to the victims and families affected. The response for this was huge, 50,000 gamers took part and even the hactivist group Anonymous got involved in promotion of the event.

But not everyone thought this would be a good idea, the most famous of such people was the internet famous Nintendo fanboy Isaiah-TriForce Johnson, he had this to say:

“I’ve been around gaming for a very, very long time and I’ve watched the media butcher video games and blame video games for a whole bunch of stuff that has nothing to really do with us, or the manufacturers, or the developers, the producers, the inventors — it has nothing to do with us. The reason I think that the online ceasefire is a bad idea is because, as I said before, the media will take anything that we say and they will manipulate it, I think the media would take that and use it against him (Pearman).”

TriForce did not mean any ill will towards the event and admitted that he thought that Pearman was doing a good thing but finished up by saying, “we (Gamers) are in a very tense position in the nation right now. We’re really walking on egg shells, and anything we do or say will be used against us.”

While the event itself was a great success I personally can see the media taking advantage of it but as Pearman says, “You can’t be afraid, you know, to come out and speak against something in fear of what’s going to happen, you can’t let the media define who you are, you know? You define who you are.”

Only time will tell.

But what do you think? Did you join in the ceasefire? Or do you think it was pointless? Let us know in the comments below!