The Phantom Pain – Alternative Trailer Released

Mr Koj…Mr Joakim Mogren and his team have released another trailer for The Phantom Pain via Mr Mogrem’s Youtube channel. The original trailer has until now been dissected up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start to finish and numerous ideas and theories have come about from it. There will soon be an article discussing all of these ideas and theories coming soon to VGU.

This new trailer doesn’t seem to be overly different. It was put under the test and first of all played side by side. It looked to be exactly the same as the reveal trailer with no visual differences, unless of course there were a few hidden bits added in by the team at Moby Dick Studios.

The differences between the two trailers are in the audio. This newer trailer seems to use sounds that are reminiscent of work by Harry Gregson Williams, the man responsible for soundtrack of every Metal Gear Solid game from Metal Gear Solid 2 onwards.

One other interesting fact is the addition of a sound effect from the Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes trailer. The sound effect in question occurs when the torch is turned on in The Phantom Pain trailer. It is also heard when the spotlight pans over the camera in the Ground Zeroes Trailer.

This very much pushes the needle towards the direction that this is truly a Metal Gear game, but this has been all but confirmed numerous times by die hard Metal Gear fans around the internet. Hideo Kojima must be smiling in his chair as he has all of his loyal fans once again in the palm of his hands.