Team Fortress 2 Reveals Mecha Update for Christmas

tf2 merry xmas

“So, you battle-hardened MvM vets think you’ve got that whole “stopping murderous waves of robots” thing figured out, huh? Well, re-check those figures, because the robot hordes just added a deadly new class to their clanking, soulless ranks: The Mecha-Engineer! And as the incredible art above this paragraph illustrates, it will be over one hundred feet tall! (It will not.) Not to worry, though, because it looks like Engineer will also be one hundred feet tall! (He also will not.)”

The TF2 devs are back on top form again with yet another major update for Team Fortress 2 looking to be released for Christmas. With a new preview page up (most likely full of hidden secrets) and a wonderfully funny new comic for you to enjoy this update looks to be something special!

As well as including a new mecha character there is a new Mann vs Machine map and some new festive items for select classes, more information will be released about these in the next few days.

Why are you still here? Check out the preview page HERE and read the comic HERE!

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