Angry Birds Star Wars now on Facebook!

Good news in the world of Facebook for fans of a certain game involving certain birds. That’s right, Angry Birds is back once again on Facebook, and this time it brought the entire galaxy with it in Angry Birds Star Wars!

This new game has itself a few updated features from the mobile counterpart. Players now have new power-ups and abilities at their disposal. There are three new power-ups in the form of the Thermal Detonator, Blaster Droid and Saber Sling. Use the Thermal Detonator to plant an explosive surprise, the Blaster Droid for laser destruction, and Lightsaber Sling for super flinging. Players can now also use the Clone Bird, which will allow them to duplicate any of the existing birds to help out in tough situations.

In addition to these new features, there will be 5 brand new levels added to the game each week to keep the content flowing all of the players on Facebook. With all of this new content, players can continue to compete with friends in order to see who really has the rule over the galaxy!