Media Mess Up Results in Mass Effect Series Blamed for Connecticut Shooting

Due to an error made by new stations in America, Mass Effect is taking the brunt of the abuse for the event that occurred this week.

Fox news and CNN reported that a “Ryan Lanza” was responsible for the shooting, this information however was WRONG. This did not stop hundreds of people from looking at his Facebook profile and observing that he had “Liked” the Mass Effect video games. This coupled with the News also falsely reporting that one of the possible reasons for the shootings was because of video games lead to a hate mob being created against Mass Effect. This hate mob then attacked the Mass Effect Facebook page and Mass Effect site leaving comments like:

“Yeah… Ryan Lanza “LIKED” your game. he just gunned down a kindergarten class” (Liked 13 times)

“Well u got your “creative type” for the holiday! Think about all those families and children now when u wake up on Christmas morning” (Liked 3 times)

“Ban this game and the people who created such sickness.” (Liked 7 times)

This is misplaced anger aimed at video games. Not only is this just factually inaccurate it is clearly just trying to blame what happened on something and at this moment it time, it seems to be on Ryan Lanza and Mass Effect. This has not been the first time video games have been blamed for real world violence.

Bioware has yet to respond to the hate.

VGU would like to send our condolense to all the friends an families of the terrible event that happened in Connecticut.

What do you think of this stupidity? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!