The Walking Dead: Assault brings you “9 days of the Apocalypse”!

Just can’t think of a way to celebrate the impending doom predicted by the Mayans on 21/12/2012? Well Skybound, publishers of The Walking Dead: Assault and Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead are hosting the “9 days of the Apocalypse”.

Every day between December 13th and December 21st at 11AM PST on his Twitter feed (@RobertKirkman) he will be setting a new challenge for players of The Walking Dead: Assault. Winners will be awarded prizes that are kept secret until the challenge is made, but we do know that they will be pretty awesome stuff you can’t get anywhere else!

The game itself is due for a new update soon that improves the current experience. Assemble your four-man team, use their abilities and fight your way through the undead hordes on you iOS device! You can unlock exclusive artwork, wallpapers, behind the scenes trivia and more while playing and all for the reasonable price of £1.49 in the iTunes App Store.