Gameplay Trailer for Metro: Last Light Revealed

THQ has just revealed the gameplay trailer to 4A Games’ sequel to Metro 2033, dubbed “Metro: Last Light”. The game was originally set to be released this summer, but unfortunately THQ announced in February that the game will be delayed until First quarter 2013 (now confirmed as march 2013).


From the trailer, several things can be confirmed:

  • More Weapons are available this time round
  • Attachments for weapons have been added
  • Gameplay will take place above and below ground again
  • The same enemies from Metro 2033 are back, but more seem to have been added, and appear more challenging than before.
  • More gameplay mechanics have been added, for example: wiping blood off the gas mask as it blocks vision
  • The player will visit underground metro station towns where settlers live

Taking Metro 2033’s spectacular story into account, 4A Games’ sequel looks to be just as frightening and as mythologically mysterious as it’s predecessor, but hopefully when we review it,┬áit will improve upon Metro 2033’s distinct lack of replayability once finished.