The Walking Dead: Assault Hits #1 in Thirteen Countries!

Following the comic timeline, Episode 1 (called Days Gone By) starts with Rick waking up in hospital and takes you through Atlanta and the invasion of the camp. Since launching last Friday it’s become the #1 Strategy game in over thirteen countries including the US, UK, Canada and Germany. It’s also currently the #2 game in the US after the mid-season finale of the TV show, with a 5-star rating from over a thousand reviews. Impressed yet? How about if I told you that someone new plays the game every 8 seconds?

And what’s more it’s not just gamers playing it! Jonathan Ross has been quoted saying it’s “one of the best games ever…”

For the introductory price of £1.49 it should surely be worth checking out! Plus this one time purchase allows you to play it on all of your iOS devices. There are already 2 more episodes confirmed for the future so if you’re a fan then make sure you grab it quick!