The Walking Dead: Assault – Zomibes hit iOS Now!

Heart pounding with a sweaty grip on your baseball bat, it must be time- the Walking Dead: Assault has finally been released for iOS. Developed by Gamagio Ltd in collaboration with Skybound the game kicks off the same way as the the first comic in the series, with Sheriff Rick Grimes waking up in hospital with no idea how he got there. From there you will visit famous locations from the story.

Created in a stunning 3D art style based on the aesthetic of the comic you assemble and upgrade the ultimate team of four zombie survivors, choosing from characters such as Rick, Lori, Carl and Dale. Each character has unique abilities and, give the game that extra kick, there will be four levels of difficulty!

Available on the App store now for the special price of £1.49 (rumoured to increase after a disclosed period of time after launch) this enhanced zombie experience will definitely give you your undead fix!