Cantasia Launches on Facebook

 New social platform features interactive characters and mini-games, with mobile expansion coming in December

Developer PlayPlus announced the launch of Cantasia on Facebook, a new everyone friendly social gaming hub. Cantasia is based on the Canimals characters from Voozclub, a popular series in South Korea and throughout Asia.

Players can interact with Canimals and customise their very own Cantasia City while completing quests and playing different online games. Cantasia will initially feature one mini-game embedded in the platform, Canimals Match 3, with other mini-games to be subsequently released. A mobile version of the game Canimals Match 3 will be released in December and will be available from the Samsung Apps store.

Cantasia features include:

  • Create a Cantasia World – Customize a unique world with upgradeable buildings
  • Social Structures – Each building serves a special social purpose, like the “Canstagram” building that lets players take and share game screenshots with friends and family
  • Play Popular Games  – Compete solo in Canimals match 3, with new games and multiplayer modes coming soon
  • Complete Quests – Speak with different Canimals and complete quests to earn game currency and unlock new features
  • Track Your Progress – All game activity is recorded in the form of achievements, letting players track their progress as their skill increases
  • Social Competition – Compete with friends through Facebook Connect and other social networks to earn coins and unlock additional features
  • Worldwide Leaderboards – Compare your rank and score with others around the world and master each Cantasia game
  • Exclusive Mobile Gaming – Cantasia games will be available for download exclusively on Samsung Apps in late November. Cantasia will come to Google Play later this year.

Check out the game online at the following link: and also watch the gameplay trailer below.

This game is something that is aimed at smaller children but is cute enough that older gamers will like it if your into that kind of thing. The mini games minus the cutness should appeal to most Facebook gamers.

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