Why TimeSplitters 4 never saw the light of day!

After releasing HAZE Free Radical tried to find a publisher for TimeSplitters 4, even showing off a WORKING demo during the pitch meetings! But there was a small problem, HAZE!

It turns out that due to the bad press HAZE had received publishers were nervous to work with the company, ‚ÄúThis worried them” says Karl Hilton, managing director of Crytek UK, “We were a company that made a series of high-rated shooters then we had released HAZE which wasn’t well received.”

It also turns out the publishers didn’t even know the best way to sell the game “Their marketing person would say something along the lines of, “I don’t know how to sell this” explains Hilton.

Sadly before a publisher could get on board the Free Radical went into administration before anything else could be done about TimeSplitters 4.

So the likelihood of getting a new TimeSplitters just took a big blow, I guess we can only hope that the fans demand will help sway some publishers minds!

What do you think about this new information? Does the TimeSplitters series need a a new game? Leave a comment!