Halo 4’s World First Max Level Player!

After 3 weeks of being released someone has actually managed to hit the maximum level of SR-130 in Halo 4!

‘Ru-Deuce’ is now the highest ranked player of Halo 4 in the world after achieving the Spartan Rank 130, which means he has also maxed out all currently available specialisations. The screenshot he posted himself on IMGUR showing his rank and securing him his glory as the first person to actually do this.

So what is he going to do now that he’s currently maxed his level out? In a small interview with other Reddit users he posted that he was “working on 100% commendation completion”, specifically the UNSC weaponry.

Congrats to Deuce and good luck with the commendations. Hopefully I will never run into you in a multiplayer game (unless you’re going to be on my team!)