Halo 4 Update Adds Team Snipers and Team Slayer Pro to Playlists

343 have been updating the multiplayer playlists again under the idea that playlists will be swapped around every single week, confirming that SWAT will be sticking around a little longer due to unbelievable popularity. Playlists should also now include Team Snipers and Team Slayer Pro (the update had already been reported live and the carnage well under way).

Snipers is set to feature the following maps: Longbow, Complex, Solace, Ragnarok, Vortex, Exile and Meltdown.

There have also been rumours, however, of Team Snipers being swapped to FFA Throwback in the next update. This offers two free-for-all experiences in one playlist: Oddball and King of the Hill. These modes become every man for himself, and the maps that will appear in this playlist are: Haven, Adrift, Complex, Solace and Abandon.

Are you enjoying the new Halo 4 multiplayer modes?