343 Industries brings out Daily EXP Cap in Halo 4

Some people may have experienced playing Halo multiplayer and coming across a level 50 player only 2 days after the release. If you haven’t, that’s because Halo 4 launched with a restriction on the daily amount of experience a player can earn in multiplayer games or Spartan Ops. Why introduce a limit now? Jessica Shea wrote on Halo Waypoint “the daily XP cap is intended to preserve the integrity of the progression system”.

With Mountain Dew and Doritos running Double XP promotions players are ranking up pretty quick, and this is designed to keep players roughly even levels from the start (at least for a while). She goes on to say “in the coming weeks we will be monitoring how many players are hitting the cap so we can respond accordingly”, so it may end up being increased or even removed in the future. People have reported hitting around 100K a day before being capped, although the exact figure hasn’t been released yet.