More Borderlands 2 SHiFT Codes This Weekend

This weekend Gearbox Software once again will be giving Borderlands 2 players a chance to get their hands on some SHiFT codes. If you don’t know what they are for they are used in game under the extras menu to mainly get Golden Keys which allows players to open their Golden Chest in Sanctuary for cool items and weapons.

The codes will be released on the Borderlands Facebook and Gearbox Software Twitter. We will also post the codes up on our Facebook and Twitter.

Five sets of codes will be released over the weekend starting from today (Friday) there are normally three different codes per set for each platform PC, PS3 and 360. The times and dates are as follows.

Friday, October 26 – 6PM CT (What time is that for me?)
Friday, October 26 – 11PM CT (What time is that for me?)
Saturday, October 27 – 5AM CT (What time is that for me?)
Saturday, October 27 – 11AM CT (What time is that for me?)
Saturday, October 27 – 3PM CT (What time is that for me?)

Each code will be active for three hours from when it was first posted and like normal will be available one use per account. If you have not used the SHiFT codes before be aware you do have to register inside the game for a SHiFT account. Not a big deal however as it only takes a minute.

To learn more about SHiFT codes, Golden Keys and how to redeem them, visit

Source [Gearbox Software Blog]