Silent Hill: Book of Memories Demo Available For Download

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc have announced that they have added a demo of the new Silent Hill: Book of Memories to the PlayStation Network. Gamers who own a Vita will be able to log into the PS Store and download the playable demo of the game for them to try out. Silent Hill Book of Memories is a console exclusive for the PS Vita with all new game play, including RGP elements and online multiplayer functionality.

The free demo showcases the first two zones of the game, giving them access to some of the weapons, power ups and story lines throughout the game. While playing the game, gamers will be able to come up against all those memorial enemies from previous Silent Hill games.

The story of Silent Hill begins with a strange book that is received, inside the book is your entire life and all your memories. What you discover is that by changing what is in the book can change your history, meaning you can create what ever life you ever wanted.

Silent Hill Book of Memories will be available on October 16th, 2012 but don’t wait, try the demo today!