Gamestation Stores To Operate Under The GAME Name

All Gamestation stores will be re-branded to operate under the GAME name, announced today at the GAME conference.

Back in 2007 the company decided to go with a dual branded outlook when they bought Gamestation from Blockbuster. Since the dual branding an unspoken link between the two stores emerged Game being the family store and Gamestation being the hardcore gamers place to shop.

The move however comes after GAME CEO Mark Gibbs said last week,

“At the moment we’re researching with our store teams and various different gamer sets across the UK to determine what they want from a specialist,”

Gamestation has been running since 2002 and started in York, before its plunged into administration there were as many as 240 stores across the UK high street and will be a shame to see the brand disappear.

Whether or not the name will go up for sale will be down to GAME keeping ownership or choosing to sell it off.