Hackers Target Guild Wars 2 Players

 The attacks by hackers have made ArenaNet the developer of Guild Wars 2 start to warn players when their account comes under an attack or they believe may have been compromised.

So far they have estimated that nearly 11,000 accounts have been attacked, most of the attacks seem to come from China. ArenaNet has sent out a statement urging players to change their password to something more secure and also to use a password that they have never used with anything else before. New players are also advised to make their user name unique to help reduce the risk of an attack.

The game launch just under two weeks aga, Guild Wars 2 lets the player explore the world of Tyria an MMO set 250 years after the events of the original game, Guild Wars.

ArenaNet have said the hackers are using details stolen from other website such as forums and fan based websites.

The accounts are valuable because the items and loot have a real world cash value. In addition to this stolen accounts are normally used as mules to transfer money to other players and make trades with out the hacker being noticed, this in turn allows them to control the flow of money the more accounts they hack. This has led the company to alerting players that their account has been access from a new location or computer.

If you had had your account hacked or you believe your account was accessed by someone other than you then please change your password to a secure one and contact ArenaNet support.