GamesCom PlayStation Network (PSN) Updates

PlayStation Plus and the PlayStation Network is now going to see some updates and improvements over the next month and through out September.

At gamescom PlayStation Europe’s CEO, Jim Ryan told the audience

“PlayStation Plus is an area of our business that we are putting a great deal of focus on.”

There are a range of new updates and some of them will be the following:

  • Cloud Storage increase from 250mb to 1GB for PlayStation 3 users
  • Instant Games Collection to be updated – better games
  • Standard will be set for free games when Red Dead Redemption will be added to the list this September
  • PS Plus will also soon be available on Vita

At GamesCom consumers were allowed to get a hand on look at a number of games heading to PlayStation Plus, some of the games will be:

  • Sega’s Hell Yeah
  • 24 Caret Games’ Retro/Grade
  • Ripstone’s Big Sky Infinity
  • Knytt Underground

This Autumn PlayStation Mobile will offer “snack sized” games across a variety of ‘PlayStation-Certified Devices’ With user friendly development tools publishers and bedroom developers will now be able to create unique and innovative games to the rest of the PlayStation community. This seems like a typical app store as seen on iOS, Android, Faceook etc, how this turns out will depend on how ‘user friendly’ the dev tools are and what the T&C attached to the ‘app store’ will be.

Jim Ryan backed up the future success of PlayStation Mobile by saying to the audience

“Nobody does games better than PlayStation and the games curated through PlayStation Mobile are no exception.”

Lets see if Jim Ryan is right to the PlayStation Mobile ‘app store’ being an instant success because “PlayStation does good games”

Some of the games that are heading to the PlayStation Mobile store will be:

  • Super Create Box
  • Aqua Kitty
  • Samurai Beatdown
  • Passing Time
  • BeatSlider
  • Flick Hockey

It should be an interesting few months for PlayStation Plus and PSN users, if Sony stick to their plans it should make PlayStation Plus a much more worthwhile expense.

What do you think of the new plans for PSN and PS-Plus?