Downloadable PS2 Games Coming To Japanese PS3 This Month

Resident-Evil-Operation-Raccoon-City 2011 04-11-11 012

This month the first titles will be coming to the Japanese PlayStation 3 PSN Store. The first five PS2 titles available for download will be:

Resident Evil Code: Veronica (Capcom): ¥1,200
Kessen (Tecmo Koei): ¥1,500
Shin Contra (aka “Contra: Shattered Soldier,” Konami): ¥1,200
Dragon Force (Sega): ¥800
Siren (Sony): ¥1,200
New games will be added every month to the PlayStation Store in Japan. Some of the key titles include:

Dead or Alive 2 Hard Core (Tecmo Koei): ¥1,500
Castlevania (Konami): ¥1,200
Dynamite Dekka (aka Die-Hard Arcade, Sega): ¥800
Gunstar Heroes Treasure Box (Sega): ¥800
Dark Cloud (Sony): ¥1,200

These will be playable exclusively on PlayStation 3. Sony will also be adding PS Classics to the Vita in the next firmware. As mentioned this is only available at the moment in Japan and there is no news on when it could come to the UK.