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MGSV Collector's Editions

Konami Drops Tons of Metal Gear Solid V Info

by Sam Foxallon March 4, 2015
Kept you waiting, huh? Konami has revealed a ton of information about Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain today, including a release date.

Minecraft gets the Star Wars Rebels Skin Pack for Xbox

by Luke Walshon February 13, 2015
Xbox and Lucasfilm have teamed to give Minecraft players a Star Wars Rebels Skin Pack which is now available for Xbox One and Xbox 360


Life is Strange Episode One – Chrysalis Review

by Ian Stokeson February 4, 2015
This is a story all about how, her life got flip-turned upside down…


Life is Strange Launch Trailer

by Ian Stokeson January 30, 2015
Check out the release trailer for Life is Strange, an episodic, time-manipulating adventure game.

Funk of Titans Review

by Ian Stokeson January 22, 2015
Sounds like someone wants to get... funky. We check out ID@Xbox's latest offering.

ESO PS4 Xbone

The Elder Scrolls Online Drops Subscription and Comes to Consoles on 9th June

by Sam Foxallon January 21, 2015
A console release is finally on the way, along with the removal of a mandatory subscription fee for The Elder Scrolls Online.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection Announced

by Sean Humphreyson January 20, 2015
PS4 and Xbox One remasters of Borderlands games announced with new 60fps trailer.


Rogue Legacy Coming To Xbox One

by Jake Stewarton January 10, 2015
Rogue Legacy looks to be finally coming to the Xbox One, as confirmed by a tweet from CellarDoorGames.


The Crew Review

by Ian Stokeson January 9, 2015
Before release, The Crew was championed as a persistent, open world that spans key regions of the United States and turns it into a race track – but has it been successful?

Far Cry 4 Unplayable as Title Vanishes from Xbox Store

by Amy Conwayon January 5, 2015
Xbox One owners are reporting problems accessing their digital copies of Far Cry 4.