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Payday 2 Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami Crossing Over Into A Payday 2 DLC Pack Later This Month

by Will Fidleron September 15, 2014
Things will warm up for the Payday 2 crew as they take a trip down to Miami for a DLC cross-over

GTA V Next-Gen and PC Release Dates Announced

by Kieran Clarkeon September 12, 2014
Rockstar Games have today announced the release dates for the next-gen and PC versions of GTA V, as well as exclusive content for these versions.


FIFA 15 Demo Available on Xbox One

by Kieran Clarkeon September 9, 2014
EA Sports have released the demo for FIFA 15 on Xbox One across Europe and the US.


Minecraft Now Available for Next-Gen Consoles

by Jake Stewarton September 6, 2014
The largely popular sandbox/survival game Minecraft is now officially available for download on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Marketplaces.

Team 17 Deliver Flockers to Next-Gen Consoles

by Kieran Clarkeon September 1, 2014
Team 17 have announced that Flockers will be making its way on to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4


Microsoft Announce September’s Games with Gold

by Amy Conwayon August 28, 2014
Microsoft continue to deliver the goods in Games with Gold.
Stick It To The Man Logo

Stick it to the Man! is out now for Xbox One

by Ian Stokeson August 28, 2014
Xbox gamers finally get the chance to join Ray on an adventure with his psychic hand that sticks out of his head...yeah it's pretty weird.

Smite God-Slides

SMITE makes its way to the Xbox One

by Callam 'Doogle' Lawlesson August 18, 2014
SMITE, “the battleground of the Gods” has announced that it is on its way to the Xbox One.


VGU Talks: Best Of Microsoft | Gamescom 2014

by Dominic Coleson August 16, 2014
With Microsoft taking to the stage at this years Gamescom in Germany, what does one of our writers think of their line-up?

Goat Simulator – A New Platform

by Kieran Clarkeon August 14, 2014
Coffee Stain Studios have announced that Goat Simulator will be making its way onto the Xbox One. The Swedish based studio have teamed up with Double Eleven, a UK based company founded by ex Rockstar Games developers. This move will utilise Microsoft’s ID@Xbox self-publishing system.