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Stick it to the Man! is out now for Xbox One

by Ian Stokeson August 28, 2014
Xbox gamers finally get the chance to join Ray on an adventure with his psychic hand that sticks out of his head...yeah it's pretty weird.

Phil Spencer takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

by Ian Stokeson August 18, 2014
Phil Spencer takes the ice bucket challenge to raise awareness for ALS, then challenges Shu, Reggie and Gabe.

TJ Combo KI

E3 2014: Killer Instinct Season 2 Revealed, TJ Combo Announced

by Sam Foxallon June 9, 2014
ULTRA COMBO! Microsoft announces more about Season 2 of Killer Instinct.

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs Now Available Worldwide

by Sam Foxallon May 27, 2014
Time to take control of the city through the power of hacking, as Watch Dogs has finally released worldwide.

Backwards Compatibility: Essential Feature or Unneeded Add-on?

by Sam Foxallon April 14, 2014
Backwards compatibility is a hotly contested issue amongst companies and gamers. Time to hold court on the issue.


Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut Launches Today

by Ian Stokeson April 8, 2014
Indie studio Born Ready Games have announced the launch of Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut, which is available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC via Steam.
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St. George, Utah, Teenager Wrecks Father’s Motorcycle After He Turns Off Xbox

by Will Fidleron March 23, 2014
Utah Step-Father Flees Home After Turning Off His Step-Son's Xbox Sends Him Into A Fit Of Rage


Xbox Europe Boss Resigns

by Laura Rohanon February 13, 2014
Chris Lewis joined the company in 1989, but now has plans to leave Microsoft.


Microsoft Studios Now Own the Rights to the Gears of War Franchise

by Bradley Jameson January 27, 2014
Gears of War is now in the hands of Microsoft, what does this mean for the future of the popular 3rd person shooter series?

Fans Make Shenmue II With English Voices For Dreamcast

by Scott Dawsonon December 5, 2013

A fan project has brought together audio files from the North American Xbox version of Shenmue II and placed them on the original Sega Dreamcast console.