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Nintendo Announces Its Openness to Fan Projects

by Sam Foxallon November 17, 2014
In surprising news from Japan, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata just announced a special affiliate program which rewards popular content creators who use Nintendo property in their content.
FF Type-0

Square Enix Releases English Version of the ‘Final Fantasy Type-0 Talk Show’

by Sam Foxallon October 22, 2014
Square Enix has released an English translation of their recent video, detailing Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and Final Fantasy XV.


Titanfall’s Alpha Gameplay Videos Look Incredibly Fun

by Bradley Jameson January 20, 2014
Titanfall's alpha is well under way and here is some direct gameplay footage to make you see how fun this game is going to be.

PvZ Warfare

Gardening, Grenades and All Out Carnage In New PvZ Garden Warfare Gameplay

by Dominic Coleson January 14, 2014
A new video showcasing some gameplay for the upcoming PvZ shooter showcases more than a simple de-weed.

Alien: Isolation Raw Gameplay Video

by Bradley Jameson January 14, 2014
IGN's commentary is good and all, but isn't a horror game footage better without someone talking over it?


Sephiroth’s Masamune Made Real By the Manliest of Men

by Bradley Jameson January 14, 2014
Sephiroth's Masamune is one of the most iconic video game swords of all time. Are you a fan of the silver haired villain? Then make sure you check this out.
gog Founders Reminisce In 5-Year Retrospective Video

by Sean Humphreyson January 9, 2014
The online store - Good Old Games - celebrates 5 years online in this retrospective video.


Alien: Isolation Details Have Appeared Online Along with a Gameplay Trailer

by Bradley Jameson January 7, 2014
Some details about the new Alien game has appeared on the Xbox Marketplace and includes a gameplay trailer.


Snoop Lion’s Newest Music Video Features a Homage to the Pokémon Games

by Bradley Jameson January 6, 2014
You wanna' battle? Supalion; I choose you! Use Scrrratch!

Skywind’s Official Development Video is Epic in Scale and Devotion

by Bradley Jameson January 5, 2014

The Skyrim X Morrowind mod team have released an impressive development video.