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Duplicate Items Removed from Dota 2 Treasure Chests

by Amy Conwayon March 24, 2014
Dota 2 players will no longer pick up dupes, and will instead get special bonuses.
steam family sharing

Steam Family Sharing Released for All Steam Users

by Amy Conwayon March 1, 2014
If you've ever wanted to try out a friend's game without committing to buying it yourself, Steam Family Sharing has you covered.


Steam Developers Can Now Discount Their Games

by Laura Rohanon February 26, 2014
Developers on Steam can now set discounts on their own games without Valve’s confirmation.


Valve Documentary ‘Free to Play’ Release Date Announced

by Laura Rohanon February 19, 2014
Valve-produced documentary Free to Play will make its debut next month following the lives of three competitive Dota 2 players.

Valve Updates Steam Tags to avoid Offensive Tags

by Laura Rohanon February 15, 2014
Valves new feature, Steam Tags, allows players to tag games by theme


Could Episodic Titles be the Future of Gaming?

by Amy Conwayon February 5, 2014
Are episodic games ready to make the leap from low-key to mainstream?
Steam OS

Valve Announces Steam Music

by Sean Humphreyson February 4, 2014
Valve announces a custom soundtrack player for its Steam OS and Steam Machines, and begins a beta.


Fifty New Games Given The Greenlight

by Rob Pritchardon January 21, 2014
The first batch of titles to be approved by Valve in 2014 have been revealed.


Counter Strike: Global Offensive Operation Bravo Extended

by Sean Humphreyson January 21, 2014
Valve extends the duration of the Operation Bravo event which is currently going on in Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Alienware Will Release Steam Machines Annually Without The Ability To Upgrade Parts

by Will Fidleron January 21, 2014
Alienware Announce Controversial Decision To Release The Steam Machine Annually Without The Option To Customize Parts