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Grow Home Behind the Scenes Developer Diary

by Luke Walshon March 1, 2015
Reflections which is an Ubisoft studio have released their developer diary which explores their inspiration behind the evolution of Grow Home, the experiential climbing game.
Rayman Smash

/v/ Leak Suggests Rayman as DLC for Super Smash Bros for Wii U

by Sam Foxallon February 14, 2015
Stranger leaks have happened! A leak from /v/ supposedly shows Rayman as a DLC character for the latest edition of Super Smash Bros.


Trials Fusion Online Multiplayer Available Now

by Kieran Clarkeon January 24, 2015
Ubisoft have announced that Online Multiplayer is now available as a free update in Trials Fusion. Players can now face off in three new four to eight player multiplayer modes.


Asssassin’s Creed Unity: Dead Kings Now Available

by Rob Pritchardon January 13, 2015
Saint-Denis is home to the deceased royality. Long live the Dead Kings.

The Crew Review

by Ian Stokeson January 9, 2015
Before release, The Crew was championed as a persistent, open world that spans key regions of the United States and turns it into a race track – but has it been successful?

This third title really puts the dragons in Dragon Age: Inquisition

The Winners and Losers of 2014

by Sam Foxallon December 24, 2014
As is customary this time of year, let's look back over the winners and losers of 2014.

Trials Fusion Launches Multiplayer Weekend

by Kieran Clarkeon December 20, 2014
Ubisoft have announced a limited time open weekend for the Online Multiplayer in Trials Fusion on Windows PC only.


Assassin’s Creed Unity Patch Brings New Bugs, Users Say

by Sean Humphreyson December 17, 2014
Users are reporting that the latest patch for Assassin's Creed Unity makes the game buggier.


Assassin’s Creed Unity Review

by Sean Humphreyson November 27, 2014
Assassin's Creed Unity is set in Revolutionary Paris, but is it a revolution for the franchise?

Far Cry 4 Map Editor Trailer Released

by Rob Pritchardon November 20, 2014
Want to build your own world in the mountains of Far Cry 4? Well Ubisoft will let you do just that.