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Telltale Tease The Wolf Among Us Episode 4 With Mysterious Tweets

by Amy Conwayon May 20, 2014
Telltale are giving fans just a glimpse of what's to come in Episode 4 of The Wolf Among Us.

Cliff Bleszinski Criticises Markus ‘Notch’ Persson

by Callam 'Doogle' Lawlesson March 28, 2014
CliffyB has attacked Notchs decision to cancel work on a Rift supported version of Minecraft.


Dragon Age: Inquisition Companion Details Coming Next Week

by Will Fidleron March 22, 2014
Companion Info For Dragon Age; Inquisition Dropping Over The Coming Months

Wolfenstein The New Order

Doom 4 Beta Access Incentive For Pre-Ordering Wolfenstein: The New Order

by Will Fidleron February 19, 2014
New DOOM The Wolfenstein: The New Order Pre-Order Incentive

Pokémon Bank is Back

by Bradley Jameson January 22, 2014
Pokémon Bank has just been re-added to the Japanese eShop.


Bringing in the Hordes as DayZ Sells 1 Million Copies

by Scott Dawsonon January 14, 2014
DayZ’s creator Dean Hall, through twitter, confirmed that the standalone version of the title has already sold 1 million copies.

Nintendo Has Lowered its Sales Forecast for the Wii U

by Bradley Jameson January 11, 2014
Nintendo have bitten the bullet and lowered there exception for the Wii U in 2014.


Don’t Starve Could be Coming to PSVita

by Bradley Jameson January 5, 2014

Klei has tweeted some interesting news concerning Don't Starve.


Renegade Kid is Teasing a 3DS FPS Announcement

by Bradley Jameson January 4, 2014

Jools Watsham, the founder of Renegade Kid, has tweeted some interesting new for 3DS fans.


Final Fantasy XV May Have Used to Be a PS4 Exclusive

by Bradley Jameson January 2, 2014

According to a trusted industry insider, Final Fantasy XV was originally a PlayStation 4 exclusive.