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Enter the Gungeon Logo

VGU Interviews: Enter the Gungeon

by Sam Foxallon December 13, 2014
In a bumper interview with programmer and member of Dodge Roll Games, Brent Sodman, we discuss loads about their new gunfight dungeon crawler, Enter the Gungeon.
Bloodborne Nightmare Edition

Bloodborne Collector’s and Nightmare Editions Revealed

by Sam Foxallon December 11, 2014
Break out your wallets as Sony has announced the details for the Collector's and Nightmare Editions of Bloodborne.

H1Z1 Death coming

H1Z1 Early Access Coming Next Month

by Callam 'Doogle' Lawlesson December 10, 2014
Sonys Free To Play Zombie survival game will be available to pay for early access next month.

Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V Console Exclusivity: Good for Sony, Safe for Capcom, Bad for Gamers

by Ian Stokeson December 7, 2014
Sony make a smart play, Capcom are a bunch of cowards and we, the gamers, take another hit
Super Time Force Ultra

PSX: Super Time Force Ultra Coming to PS4 and PSVita

by Sam Foxallon December 6, 2014
The Playstation Experience just keeps on giving as the award winning Super Time Force Ultra is coming to PS4 and PS Vita next year.

Street Fighter V

PSX: Street Fighter V Officially Coming to PS4 and PC

by Sam Foxallon December 6, 2014
In a official announcement from Sony and Capcom, Street Fighter V is coming exclusively to PS4 and PC.
PlayStation 4

PSX: A Slew of Indie Games are Coming to Playstation

by Sam Foxallon December 6, 2014
A plethora of indie games are coming to Playstation systems in the coming months.


PSX: Ultra Street Fighter IV is Coming to PS4

by Sam Foxallon December 6, 2014
Probably in preparation for the next installment, Ultra Street Fighter IV is coming to PS4 this spring.

Uncharted 4

PSX 2014: New Uncharted 4 Gameplay Trailer

by Sam Foxallon December 6, 2014
It's time for a slew of Sony announcements as the Playstation Experience starts over in Las Vegas. First off, we have a brand new gameplay video of Uncharted 4.
Bloodborne Pack Shot

TGA 2014: New Bloodborne Trailer Drops

by Sam Foxallon December 6, 2014
In another world premiere coming straight out of the Game Awards, a brand new Bloodborne trailer has arrived.