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The Last of Us Remastered Pack Shot

The Last of Us Remastered Review

by Sean Humphreyson August 19, 2014
Sony and Naughty Dog's masterpiece comes to the PS4. How does The Last of Us hold up?

VGU Talks: Best Of Sony | Gamescom 2014

by Dominic Coleson August 15, 2014
Gamescom's conferences are under way, but how was Sony's? Find out what one of our writers best moments of their show were

Until Dawn

Until Dawn – It’s Coming teaser trailer

by Kieran Clarkeon August 7, 2014
Sony have unveiled a 15 second trailer for a title believed to be resurrected PS3 horror Until Dawn

white xbox one

Sunset Overdrive to Launch with White Xbox One

by Amy Conwayon August 5, 2014
Microsoft have announced that a white Xbox One is soon to be available to the public.

Playstation Now Open Beta Launched

by Jake Stewarton August 3, 2014
Sony's new game rental service is now in open beta.


Project Morpheus vs Oculus Rift: Who Will Win The VR Battle?

by Sean Humphreyson July 30, 2014
The stage is set for a grand battle in 2015 for consumers' cash between Sony and Oculus. Who will take the VR crown?
Freedom Wars Packshot

Freedom Wars to Get a Full Retail Release on PS Vita

by Sam Foxallon July 22, 2014
In news from the European Playstation Blog, Freedom Wars will be receiving a full retail release.

No Man's Sky Packshot

No Man’s Sky: Belief in the Unknown

by Sam Foxallon July 19, 2014
It's the game that has many of us excited, but are we putting too much faith in the little information and the mountains of hype about No Man's Sky?


Sony Reveal Details on PS4 Exclusive Batman: Arkham Knight Content

by Amy Conwayon June 24, 2014
PS4 owners are going to get a little extra slice of fun in their Batman: Arkham Knight experience.
PS Vita

Playstation Vita: Sony’s Neglected System

by Sam Foxallon June 23, 2014
For a system with a word for life in its name, it's amazing to see how dead the system is looking at the moment. Let's look at the state of the Vita.