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Rollers Of The Realm Review

by Rob Pritchardon November 23, 2014
Pinball and role playing games come together in Rollers Of The Realm. Will it hit the high score, or fall back to earth?

Natural Doctrine Review

by Rob Pritchardon November 9, 2014
High fantasy arrives on the PlayStation 4 in Natural Doctrine. But is it a tale that will be sung by the bards?

Dungeon of Endless Splash

Dungeon of the Endless Review

by Sam Foxallon October 31, 2014
We take a look at AMPLITUDE's new game in the Endless series, Dungeon of the Endless. How does this hybrid roguelike, dungeon crawler, tower defence game hold up?

Valkyria Chronicles Splash

Valkyria Chronicles is Coming to PC on November 11

by Sam Foxallon October 30, 2014
Good news for any SRPG fans, the critically acclaimed Valkyria Chronicles is heading to PC next month.
Sunless Sea Splash

Sunless Sea Preview

by Sam Foxallon October 16, 2014
Sunless Sea has just had a massive update and we had chance to set sail on the Unterzee early before the game's December release. Is it smooth sailing or does it sink to the briny depths?

Tales of Hearts R Splash

Tales of Hearts R Gets a Special Digital Edition and PSTV Support

by Sam Foxallon October 14, 2014
Good news for any Tales fans, not only is a digital edition of the game coming out 2 days earlier, but it comes loaded with exclusive costumes from previous Tales installments.

Fairy Fencer F Review

by Rob Pritchardon October 4, 2014
The journey to restore the Goddess begins with a single step in Fairy Fencer F. Is it a step that will be remembered, or will it fade into the sand?


Tales of Hearts R Preview

by Sam Foxallon September 29, 2014
We recently got the chance to see the opening to the latest installment in the Tales series. Is it shaping up to be a tale worth hearing or should you give it a miss?

Bloodborne Pack Shot

Bloodborne Revealed for a February 2015 Release

by Sam Foxallon September 18, 2014
Grab your torch and delve into Yharnam as Bloodborne is revealed for a February 2015 release.

Larian Drops Free Companion DLC For Divinity: Original Sin

by Will Fidleron September 16, 2014
The Bear and The Burglar are now ready to help you on your travels around Cyseal