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Battle Princess of Arcadias Review

by Rob Pritchardon August 2, 2014
Side scrolling action and avian royalty are abound in Battle Princess of Arcadias. But is it a regal success?

Shin Megami Tensei IV Finally Dated For Europe

by Rob Pritchardon July 30, 2014
Shin Megami Tensei IV, ATLUS's latest entry in it's demon summoning series, has been given a release date for Europe.

Galactic Princess Splash

VGU Interviews: Galactic Princess

by Sam Foxallon July 22, 2014
In another installment of VGU Interviews, we talk to Mickaƫl Mancini about Galactic Princess, a new space-faring RPG coming to PC.

Shadows Heretic Kingdoms

Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms Enters Steam Early Access

by Sam Foxallon June 17, 2014
Get ready to enter the Heretic Kingdoms as Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms enters Early Access.
Tales of Hearts R Splash

E3 2014: Tales of Hearts R to Only Feature Japanese Voiceovers with Subtitles

by Sam Foxallon June 11, 2014
Bandai Namco has revealed, due to overwhelming fan feedback, that the Western release of Tales of Hearts R will only feature Japanese voiceovers with subtitles.


Humble Weekly Bundle Offers RPG Maker

by Rob Pritchardon May 31, 2014
Pay what you want to make your own RPG using RPG Maker.

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Gets The Golden Touch

by Rob Pritchardon May 31, 2014
ATLUS's sequel beat-em-up Persona 4 Arena Ultimax gets a RPG mode that is similar to the original game.


Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn PS4 Review

by Dominic Coleson May 29, 2014
The realm is truly reborn in the Final Fantasy MMO. How does it play out however on the new generation console?


Etrian Odyssey Untold Review

by Rob Pritchardon May 8, 2014
ATLUS have returned to the beginning of Etrian Odyssey, but is it a journey worth taking?
Destiny of Spirits splash

Destiny of Spirits Review

by Sam Foxallon May 5, 2014
Sony throws its hat into the social game arena with its Vita exclusive collectable monster game, Destiny of Spirits.