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Where Does Capcom Go Next With Resident Evil?

by Dominic Coleson January 27, 2014
The survival horror franchise that took our breath away has been lacking in recent years. Do the developers have what it takes to continue the franchise?

Over Half of Capcom Europe is Facing Redundancy due to a Major Restructure

by Bradley Jameson October 3, 2013

Capcom Europe is making some big changes and it seems that this involves getting rid of some staff!

Hitman Absolution

Steam Summer Sale Spotlight – Day 3

by Kieron Davieson July 13, 2013

And on the third day...

killing floor

Greenman Gaming 666 Spotlight Special – Day 1

by Kieron Davieson July 1, 2013

A devilishly great week of deals this week from Greenman Gaming.


Resident Evil 6 Onslaught Screens & Left 4 Dead 2 Gameplay Video

by Dominic Coleson March 22, 2013

Some more Screens have come showing off Resident Evil 6's Onslaught Mode. As well as this there is also an exclusive video showcasing Left 4 Dead 2 joining Forces


Capcom and Valve Team Up for a Crossover Project

by Trishul Gohilon March 16, 2013

Capcom and Valve have announced a crossover project for all the fans of Resident Evil and Left for Dead.

Xbox ‘Games on Demand’ Sales – 28th February

by Sarah Blackburnon February 28, 2013

See what's on sale in the second day of the Xbox 'Games on Demand' sales.

Capcom not interested in porting to Wii U

by Trishul Gohilon January 2, 2013

For those hoping for recent Capcom games to be ported to the Wii U, it seems it may never come.

New Resident Evil 6 Modes available today exclusively for Xbox 360

by Sarah Blackburnon December 18, 2012

The new Resident Evil 6 game modes make their exclusive debut today on Xbox 360

Resident Evil 6 to appear on PC in 2013

by Sarah Blackburnon December 18, 2012

Resident Evil 6 will shamble onto PC in early 2013, and check out the second title update!