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Pokemon Anime Caught By Netflix

by Rob Pritchardon February 27, 2014
A selection of movies and episodes arrive on the streaming service next month.

Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Due To Close

by Rob Pritchardon February 27, 2014
Nintendo's multi-player servers for Wii and DS games are due to be shut down later this year.


Twitch Plays Pokémon Catches 100,000 Viewers

by Sean Humphreyson February 18, 2014
This is Pokémon Red like you've never seen it before.


More Official Details on Diancie for Western Fans

by Amy Conwayon February 15, 2014
New screenshots and in-game footage has emerged for the Pokemon, Diancie.

Pokemon X And Y Comes To The Pokemon TCG

by Rob Pritchardon January 22, 2014
The sixth generation of Pokemon, X and Y, is making its way into the Pokemon Trading Card Game.


Snoop Lion’s Newest Music Video Features a Homage to the Pokémon Games

by Bradley Jameson January 6, 2014
You wanna' battle? Supalion; I choose you! Use Scrrratch!

Brand New Next Gen Pokémon Game Rumours Have Appeared Online

by Bradley Jameson January 6, 2014
Some interesting rumours concerning the future of the Pokémon franchise have been found online.

Ken Sugimori Art Director For Pokemon Wants Series To Go Back To Basics

by Scott Dawsonon November 9, 2013

Ken Sugimori, the world renowned art director on the Pokemon franchise desires a return to the roots of the series. 

Pokemon Getting Detective Game Spin-Off Starring Pikachu

by Nicholas Leigh Dugganon October 29, 2013

Reports come in of a new detective game spin on the Pokemon franchise.

First Look at the Upcoming Pikachu Themed 3DS Game

by Bradley Jameson October 22, 2013

Some brief footage of the new upcoming Pikachu themed game has been released!