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VGU Talks: How Evolve’s Gameplay Could Evolve

by Dominic Coleson February 12, 2015
With Evolve now out, one of our writers thinks there is room for improvement. Have a look and see how he thinks the game could have Evolved

VGU Talks: Destiny vs Warframe Round 2

by Dominic Coleson January 27, 2015
Last year Dom made his opinions heard with the debate of Destiny vs Warframe. Now that we are in 2015, has his opinion changed?

maxresdefault Rage Quit

Bane Of Games: Rage Quitters

by Callam 'Doogle' Lawlesson October 5, 2014
With so many games putting us on the edge of our seats, it is no wonder that so many people quit when they lose, but who is it helping?


VGU Talks: EGX 2014 Line-Up

by Dominic Coleson August 28, 2014
With the biggest gaming expo in the UK returning, what is the line-up for this years EGX?

Why I’m Tiring of JRPGs

by Sam Foxallon August 23, 2014
A tiring fan of JRPGs gives you his reasons why he is becoming sick of the genre.

The GSM Splash

The Great Shouting Match: The State of Game Journalism

by Sam Foxallon July 15, 2014
With game journalism seemingly engulfed by a constant string of flame wars and snide comments, let's hear someone's opinion on the whole messy business.
Dota vs League

MOBA Madness: This Generation’s MMO Rush

by Sam Foxallon July 14, 2014
History seems to be repeating itself, as the current MOBA rush is becoming eerily similar to the MMO rush (and subsequent crash) of the late 2000s.


VGU Talks: Violence In Video Games

by Dominic Coleson July 11, 2014
There are many games made with an emphasis on violence, but are games wrong to benefit and are gamers turning into trained killers?


E3 2014: The Year of Anti-Hype

by Sam Foxallon June 17, 2014
It's been a week since E3 2014, let's reflect on how lacking in hype this year's show was.

VGU Talks: Nintendo Announces New Affiliate Program

by Dominic Coleson May 28, 2014
Nintendo reveal that they are opening the doors to content creators on YouTube. Have a look to see what our content creator thinks of this