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Pokemon Hoenn Announcement

New Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Trailer Reveals New Gamplay Elements

by Sam Foxallon July 14, 2014
In a new gameplay trailer released by the Pokémon Company today, new gameplay elements have been revealed for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.
Robin SSB

Sakurai Reveals Lucina, Robin as Playable in Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS

by Sam Foxallon July 14, 2014
In a special livestream today, Sakurai revealed that Robin, Lucina and Captain Falcon are playable in the new Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS.


EVO 2014: C9 Mango Is Crowned Champion in Super Smash Bros Melee

by Sam Foxallon July 13, 2014
In the sixth EVO finals, C9 Mango is crowned champion in Super Smash Bros Melee.

Smash Character Reveal

New Super Smash Bros Challenger Will Be Announced Live on Monday 14th

by Sam Foxallon July 11, 2014
Challenger Approaching! Find out who the next new fighter is for Super Smash Bros this Monday.
Hyrule Warriors Pack Shot

Fi Confirmed as Playable in Hyrule Warriors

by Sam Foxallon July 8, 2014
The spirit of the Master Sword joins the fight, as Fi is announced as another playable character for Hyrule Warriors.

Nintendo EVO sponsor

Nintendo Joins EVO 2014 Sponsors

by Sam Foxallon July 6, 2014
In yet another surprising move by Nintendo, they have joined the list of sponsors for this year's EVO Championship Series.
Agitha Hyrule Warriors

Beware the Bugs as Agitha Joins Hyrule Warriors Cast

by Sam Foxallon July 4, 2014
The bugs and beetles are sweeping the battlefield as the Bug Princess Agitha joins the cast of Hyrule Warriors.

Shovel Knight Box Art

Shovel Knight Review

by Sam Foxallon July 1, 2014
Yacht Club Games' first endeavor, Shovel Knight, has finally been released. Should you break out the shovel, or leave it buried?

Hyrule Warriors Pack Shot

Nintendo Releases 4 Weapon Trailers for Hyrule Warriors

by Sam Foxallon July 1, 2014
Nintendo gives us more footage of Hyrule Warriors, by showing off 4 new weapon trailers for Link, Zelda and Impa.
Pokemon Symphony

Pokémon ‘Symphonic Evolutions’ Concert Tour Announced

by Sam Foxallon June 30, 2014
Poké-Flutes at the ready as The Pokémon Company announces a special concert tour of orchestral Pokémon music.