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MKX Packshot

Mortal Kombat X Coming to Mobile Devices

by Sam Foxallon March 2, 2015
Rip out spines and impale your foes on the go, as Mortal Kombat X is receiving a port for mobile devices.

HeavenStrike Rivals Tactical RPG Comes to Europe

by Luke Walshon March 1, 2015
Square Enix have released their brand new tactical RPG multiplayer HeavenStrike Rivals which is available for free on iOS and Android for Europe .


Tekken Card Tournament Updates To Version 3

by Rob Pritchardon January 11, 2015
It is time for the third round of the Tekken Card Tournament. What has been added to help you heed the call?


Lara Croft On Mobile Gets iOS 8 Support

by Sean Humphreyson December 15, 2014
The iOS version of Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light receives updates today.

Pay if you wanna go faster!

by Richard Newtonon April 21, 2014
Are the next generation of gamers' progress hampered by the free-to-play market?


Crazy Taxi Rushing Back To Gamers Everywhere

by Rob Pritchardon March 15, 2014
B.D. Joe is looking for new drivers to make crrrazy money.

Darkseid Coming Exclusively To Mobile Versions of Injustice: Gods Among Us

by Sean Humphreyson March 7, 2014
DC super-villain Darkseid makes his way onto iOS and Android in Injustice: God Among Us.


Team17 Becomes A Third-Party Publisher On Mobile

by Sean Humphreyson March 7, 2014
Worms developer Team17 returns to the publishing field and helps Hay Ewe out to market.


Flappy Birds To Disappear In Less Than 24 Hours

by Will Fidleron February 8, 2014
Flappy Birds To No Longer Exist Very Shortly
San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Now On Windows 8 Phones

by Will Fidleron January 27, 2014
Rockstar Release Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Onto Windows 8 Mobiles