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Black Desert Wall

Black Desert Possibly Coming To Western Audiences

by Callam Lawlesson April 20, 2014
Korean MMO, Black Desert, is trying to find a publisher for Western audiences to allow the EU and NA to be able to play.
Guild Wars 2 Feature Pack

50% Sale on Guild Wars 2

by Daniel Clarkeon April 6, 2014
Have you fancied picking up Guild Wars 2 but can’t quite afford it? Well turn that frown upside down, it’s now on sale


Final Fantasy XIV PS4 Beta Free This Weekend

by Amy Conwayon April 4, 2014
A week before release, Final Fantasy XIV is now available to try out in beta.

Guild Wars 2 Legendary Gear

Guild Wars 2: World XP and Legendary/Ascended Gear to become Account Bound

by Daniel Clarkeon March 28, 2014
Do you wish that unlocking epic armour and gaining World XP for all your characters was easier? It soon will be with the new Guild Wars 2 update.
Guild Wars 2 WvW

Guild Wars 2: Social Play Updates

by Daniel Clarkeon March 26, 2014
Are you an avid PvP or WvW Guild Wars 2 player? Do you love to team up with fellow Tyrians to take on opposition on the battlefield? Then this will be good news for you


Sailing MMORPG Florensia Gets A Huge Update

by Callam Lawlesson March 6, 2014
New mounts ,crafting system and technical issues, all addressed in the latest update

Arcane Chronicles Beta Starts Today

by Amy Conwayon January 17, 2014
This free-to-play title is now available to beta key holders.


Jade Dynasty Regenesis Now Live

by Amy Conwayon December 21, 2013

Perfect World Entertainment strike again, with the fifth expansion for Jade Dynasty.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is Coming Soon PlayStation 4

by Bradley Jameson December 3, 2013

Square Enix have announced that Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will be coming to PlayStation 4.

The Elder Scrolls Online Invites More to the Beta

by Laura Rohanon November 20, 2013

Additional invites were sent out today for The Elder Scrolls Online beta, the MMO role-playing game.