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unnamed.0 Crowfall

Destructive MMO Crowfall – Throne War Kickstarter Launched

by Callam 'Doogle' Lawlesson February 25, 2015
ArtCraft Entertainment hope to stray away from the normal MMO structure, with destructible "dying worlds".
ESO PS4 Xbone

The Elder Scrolls Online Drops Subscription and Comes to Consoles on 9th June

by Sam Foxallon January 21, 2015
A console release is finally on the way, along with the removal of a mandatory subscription fee for The Elder Scrolls Online.

H1Z1 Death coming

H1Z1 Early Access Coming Next Month

by Callam 'Doogle' Lawlesson December 10, 2014
Sonys Free To Play Zombie survival game will be available to pay for early access next month.


Square Enix Announce Limited Edition Final Fantasy XIV

by Amy Conwayon October 14, 2014
A limited number of Final Fantasy XIV Game of the Year editions will become available this November.
Wildstar Sabotage

Wildstar’s Latest Content Update, Sabotage, Drops In

by Callam 'Doogle' Lawlesson July 31, 2014
Wildstars Latest content update releases today, with a focus on PVP.


Wildstar Raids are here and the Open Beta continues

by Luke Walshon May 15, 2014
Wildstar the upcoming MMO from Carbine Studios recently entered Open Beta. On top of this they have announced that Raids will also be featured in the game and they are ready to show you. The raids are not just for the hard-core but “…they’re diamond core, 20 and 40-player PvE dungeons that will pit your characters […]

Star Conflict MMO adds Oculus Rift and Linux Support

by Luke Walshon April 4, 2014
Star Conflict the free to play space mmo gets a big update and brings support for Oculus Rift and Linux support, plus much more.

Secret World

Financial Investigation Into Funcom “Over Very Fast” Describes CEO

by Will Fidleron March 15, 2014
Funcom's Involvement With Insider Trading Allegations Are Ongoing According To CEO


Bethesda Defends Subscription Model For Elder Scrolls Online

by Will Fidleron March 15, 2014
Defending The Monthly Paid Subscription Brings Across A Muddled Message
Transformers Universe

Transformers Universe Returns As “MOTA” In New Trailer

by Will Fidleron February 9, 2014
Transformers Universe Turns From MMO To "MOTA"