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Mirrors Edge

Mirror’s Edge writer not returning for sequel

by Laura Rohanon January 7, 2014
Rhianna Pratchet will not be part of the upcoming sequel

EA’s Humble Origin Bundle Features AAA Titles

by Sean Humphreyson August 15, 2013

Players can pay what they want for several flagship EA titles, with proceeds going to many charities.


Games That Sound Terrible On Paper But We Love them Anyway

by Sean Humphreyson August 5, 2013

Sometimes, you hear about a game and think "that sucks" - then you actually play it.....


Steam Summer Sale Spotlight – Day 5

by Luke Walshon July 15, 2013

We're half way there and the sales are still coming.

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Steam Summer Sale Spotlight Special Feature 2

by Kieron Davieson July 12, 2013

Another update on the Steam summer Sales.

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Mirror’s Edge 2 Announced At E3

by Will Fidleron June 10, 2013

EA Giving The Fans What They Want

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Mirrors Edge 2 Could be on the way

by Kieron Davieson May 30, 2013

A sequel to the free running agent game could be confirmed.

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The not-quite-daily Steam Spotlight 10/04

by Kieron Davieson April 10, 2013

Midweek madness already, where does the time go?