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Mass Effect 4 – The Non News Event of the Year

by Kieran Clarkeon August 8, 2014
San Diego Comic Con played host to a Mass Effect panel from BioWare, but what did we actually learn? It's up to us to piece together the Mass Effect puzzle.

Bioware’s New Game: Mass Effect Prequel?

by Daniel Clarkeon April 13, 2014
Are you a fan of Bioware? Do you like the Mass Effect universe? Then you might like to know there are rumours of a prequel.

Mass Effect Love

Why Can’t We Learn To Love?

by Will Fidleron March 23, 2014
Games Forever Show War, But Where Has All The Love Gone?

The Bioware Saga

Is The Banner Saga A Bioware Plot In A Different Skin?

by Will Fidleron January 25, 2014
Stoic's The Banner Saga Is Something New, but Have We Seen It All Before?

BioWare “Doesn’t Regret” Shift To Frostbite 3 Over Unreal Engine

by Scott Dawsonon November 11, 2013

Games created by BioWare are now developed on DICE's Frostbite 3 engine which Aaryn Flynn, General Manager at BioWare fully supports. 

‘Mass Effect’ Producer: “Character Turnarounds Are Jaw Dropping”

by Scott Dawsonon October 11, 2013

With a new trilogy for the Mass Effect series in the works the Bioware team comment on the need to create new environments.

Matthew Bromberg – The New Head Of BioWare

by Scott Dawsonon September 10, 2013

The former general manager of BioWare Austin now jumps to head of the company.


Mass Effect: Where Can Bioware Go From Here?

by Ian Stokeson July 27, 2013

What lies in store for Bioware's epic sci-fi franchise? Let's see where they could go next.


Dragon Age: Inquisition PAX Panel Promises Deeper, More Meaningful Story

by Will Fidleron July 24, 2013

Four Gentlemen From Bioware Talk High-Fantasy In Australia

Xbox 360 Mega Sale on Now

by Kieron Davieson July 5, 2013

A whole list of games are really cheap for Xbox 360 this weekend.