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Binding Of Isaac Rebirth

Binding of Isaac Rebirth to Receive Afterbirth DLC

by Sam Foxallon February 13, 2015
Great news for Binding of Isaac fans, as Edmund McMillan has released details on not only the Afterbirth DLC pack for Rebirth but a free patch for the original game as well.
Project Ukelele

Playtonic Games Teases Project Ukelele

by Sam Foxallon February 13, 2015
Rejoice platformer fans! Ex-Rare staff have come together to form Playtonic Games and have announced Project Ukelele, a spiritual successor to the Banjo series.

Darkest Dungeon

First Look: Darkest Dungeon

by Sam Foxallon February 13, 2015
After finally releasing on Steam Early Access, we take a starting peek at the gothic roguelike, Darkest Dungeon.


Sunless Sea Review

by Sam Foxallon February 6, 2015
The ship is finally leaving the port of Early Access and into the open ocean. Should you join Sunless Sea on its journey through the murky deep?
Sunless Sea Splash

Sunless Sea Launches This Friday

by Sam Foxallon February 3, 2015
Cast off that anchor and man the cannons! Sunless Sea leaves the harbour of Steam Early Access and enters the gloomy Zee this Friday.


How Indie Games Reflect on the Industry

by Jake Stewarton January 1, 2015
It's no secret that the indie genre has become a very large part the gaming world, but how does that reflect on how far we've come as an industry?
kerbal space programme

Kerbal Space Program Finally Enters Beta

by Sam Foxallon December 16, 2014
Great news for fans of sending little green men into the blackness of space, as Kerbal Space Program blasts off into beta.

Enter the Gungeon Logo

VGU Interviews: Enter the Gungeon

by Sam Foxallon December 13, 2014
In a bumper interview with programmer and member of Dodge Roll Games, Brent Sodman, we discuss loads about their new gunfight dungeon crawler, Enter the Gungeon.

Rivals of Aether Logo

2 New Characters Announced for Rivals of Aether

by Sam Foxallon December 8, 2014
Two new fighters enter the fray in the elemental brawler, Rivals of Aether.

TGA 2014: threeonezero Announces Adr1ft

by Sam Foxallon December 6, 2014
In yet another announcement, threeonzero have announced their new space survival game, Adr1ft.