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Springing Leaks

Springing Leaks: The Death of Surprise in the AAA Market

by Sam Foxallon September 23, 2014
With leaks, constant reveals and news about pre-order bonuses, let's examine how the AAA market is now pretty much void of surprise.
Bedlam Splash

Bedlam Preview

by Sam Foxallon September 18, 2014
Does this adaptation of a book all about games make the successful transition to an actual game? We take an early look at how it's coming along.


VGU Talks: Destiny vs Warframe

by Dominic Coleson September 15, 2014
After being in the middle of an interplanetary war, what does one of our writers think about the war between Destiny vs Warframe


Super Smash Bros: Final Five Predictions

by Sam Foxallon September 9, 2014
With Super Smash Bros for 3DS being released in Japan on the 13th, we list who could be the Final Five characters that are yet to be revealed.
Arcade Article Splash

Insert Coin to Revive: The State of Arcades

by Sam Foxallon August 31, 2014
Hearing the backlash to Pokkén Tournament being released in arcades first, we take a look at the state of arcades in general.


Why I’m Tiring of JRPGs

by Sam Foxallon August 23, 2014
A tiring fan of JRPGs gives you his reasons why he is becoming sick of the genre.

VGU Talks: Are EA Innovating Too Much?

by Dominic Coleson August 6, 2014
Is the big publishing power house of EA, after coming out in a recent interview, truly innovating too much for current gen gamers?


Sonic and the Problem of Speed

by Sam Foxallon August 5, 2014
With Sonic Boom on course to be another disappointment, let's look at the Sonic series and its inability to do speed properly.

The Last of Us Remastered Pack Shot

Remasters, Ports and Remakes: Dos and Don’ts

by Sam Foxallon July 30, 2014
With The Last of Us Remastered getting glowing write ups, let's look at some dos and don'ts of remastering, porting and remaking games.
Hype Train Derail

5 Games of This Generation Which Derailed the Hype Train

by Sam Foxallon July 29, 2014
With this generation having a fairly slow start, let's look at some games which caused the hype train to pull into Disappointment Junction.