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More Official Details on Diancie for Western Fans

by Amy Conwayon February 15, 2014
New screenshots and in-game footage has emerged for the Pokemon, Diancie.

New Pokemon Diancie Officially Revealed

by Amy Conwayon February 11, 2014
The hackers may have found it months ago, but Diancie has finally been confirmed.


Pokémon Bank is Back

by Bradley Jameson January 22, 2014
Pokémon Bank has just been re-added to the Japanese eShop.


Generation Six Competitive Pokémon Corner – The Maliciousness of Malamar

by Bradley Jameson January 21, 2014
In this Competitive Pokémon Corner we are taking a look at the killer calamari, Malamar and seeing how it stacks up in the Gen 6 metagame.

Generation Six Competitive Pokémon Corner – Mastering the Meringue Fairy Slurpuff

by Bradley Jameson January 12, 2014
When you look at Slurpuff, you don't think much. But don't fooled, this sweet Pokémon is actually more scary than it looks. Just look what it can do!


An Update on Pokémon Bank and Transfer

by Bradley Jameson January 7, 2014
Nintendo have released a brief update concerning Pokémon Bank and Transfer.

Brand New Next Gen Pokémon Game Rumours Have Appeared Online

by Bradley Jameson January 6, 2014
Some interesting rumours concerning the future of the Pokémon franchise have been found online.


The Signature Moves of all the Transferred Legendary Pokémon

by Bradley Jameson December 28, 2013

Has your Pokémon Bank been delayed? Dying to see what your Arceus' Judgement can do? Check out all the Legendary Pokémon's moves here.


[Update] Pokémon Bank and Poké Transporter Have Been Postponed

by Bradley Jameson December 27, 2013

The long awaited Pokémon Bank and Poké Transporter services have been delayed for North America, Europe and Oceania.


By Downloading Pokémon Bank You Get a Special Gift Pokemon For Free

by Bradley Jameson December 18, 2013

As if Pokémon fans didn't have enough incentive to get Pokémon Bank, Nintendo have an extra bonus waiting for you if do.