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Pikmin Short Movies

Miyamoto Releases Pikmin Short Movies on Nintendo eShop

by Sam Foxallon November 5, 2014
Pikmin fans rejoice as the special Pikmin Short Movies are coming to Nintendo eShop.
GMod Machinima edit

Top 5 Machinimas… That Aren’t RvB

by Callam 'Doogle' Lawlesson April 6, 2014
A short top 5 list of Machinimas that focus on the strengths and weaknesses that any film maker can encounter.

The Last Of Us Banner

Neil Druckmann Confirms His Involvement In The Last Of US Movie

by Callam 'Doogle' Lawlesson March 6, 2014
Neil Druckmanns confirmation of The Last Of Us movie also comes with the news of his creative role behind its development.

Sly Cooper

Sly Cooper Movie Announced, Coming Out 2016

by Will Fidleron January 28, 2014
Sly Cooper Game Series Coming To The Silver-Screen In 2016

World of Warcraft Movie Pushed Back until 2016

by Will Fidleron November 28, 2013

Azeroth Will Have To Wait A Bit Longer To See The Silver Screen

Minecraft: The Story Of Mojang Now On Youtube For Your Viewing Pleasure

by Will Fidleron November 14, 2013

Learn About The Development Of The Indie Hit For Free

Kane And Lynch Movie Back On The Cards

by Will Fidleron November 6, 2013

IO Interactive's Game Series Taking Another Crack At Hollywood

Bayonetta: Bloody Fate Film Trailer

by Bradley Jameson October 23, 2013

The full trailer for the upcoming Bayonetta: Bloody Fate Animated Film has been put up online!

Producer Of Assassin’s Creed Movie Reveals He Had Never Played The Series

by Will Fidleron October 17, 2013

Michael Fassbender's Knowledge Of The Series Not As Intimate As Fans May Have Hoped

Watch_Dogs Movie Announced

by Ian Stokeson August 20, 2013

Ubisoft have announced a Watch_Dogs movie....what?