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Tales of Hearts R Splash

Tales Of Hearts R Gets Booster and New Costume DLC

by Sam Foxallon December 4, 2014
Some new costumes and helpful EXP boosters are available for dedicated Tales of Hearts R fans.
Scholar of the First Sin

Bandai Namco Announces Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin

by Sam Foxallon November 25, 2014
Time to head back to Drangleic, on either last gen or current gen, as Bandai Namco announces Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin.

Witcher 3 Free DLC

16 Free DLC Packs are Coming for The Witcher 3

by Sam Foxallon November 6, 2014
A welcome piece of news regarding DLC, as CD Projekt RED offers 16 pieces of DLC free to everyone who buys The Witcher 3.

Mario Kart 8 Boxart

New DLC and Amiibo Trailers for Mario Kart 8

by Sam Foxallon November 5, 2014
Great news for Mario Kart racers as two new trailers have dropped, detailing the first DLC pack and the game's amiibo support.
Tales of Hearts R Splash

Tales of Hearts R Gets a Special Digital Edition and PSTV Support

by Sam Foxallon October 14, 2014
Good news for any Tales fans, not only is a digital edition of the game coming out 2 days earlier, but it comes loaded with exclusive costumes from previous Tales installments.

The Sims 4 Logo

The Sims 4 To Add Ghosts, Pools and Star Wars

by Rob Pritchardon October 1, 2014
EA have added a whole range of new additions to The Sims 4, for a very reasonable price.
ac unity season pass main

Assassin’s Creed: Unity Season Pass Includes New Game

by Amy Conwayon September 22, 2014
If you have your eye on AC: Unity, then you might just want to check out the massive season pass that goes with it, too.


Larian Drops Free Companion DLC For Divinity: Original Sin

by Will Fidleron September 16, 2014
The Bear and The Burglar are now ready to help you on your travels around Cyseal

Payday 2 Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami Crossing Over Into A Payday 2 DLC Pack Later This Month

by Will Fidleron September 15, 2014
Things will warm up for the Payday 2 crew as they take a trip down to Miami for a DLC cross-over
Watch Dogs

Ubisoft Reveals Watch_Dogs: Bad Blood DLC to Launch This Month

by Sam Foxallon September 3, 2014
For those wishing to head back to Chicago, Ubisoft has announced the first big bit of DLC for its open world hack fest, Watch_Dogs.