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The Last of Us Adds Grounded Mode in Final Season Pass Bundle

by Sean Humphreyson April 16, 2014
Ultra-hard campaign setting and new multiplayer maps are added to Naughty Dog's critically-acclaimed adventure thanks to new DLC.
Borderlands 2 DLC

Final Borderlands 2 DLC Now Available

by Amy Conwayon April 15, 2014
It's time to get away from it all in Borderlands 2's final DLC.


Call of Duty: Ghosts Devastation DLC Pack Coming 8th May

by Luke Walshon April 11, 2014
Call of Duty: Ghost players on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC will be able to play the new DLC Devastation on May 8th.


Square Enix Weekend Continues With Tomb Raider Deal

by Rob Pritchardon March 29, 2014
Steam's latest publisher promotion focuses on the first lady of action adventure, Lara Croft.

Watch Dogs PlayStation Exclusive Content Announced

by Will Fidleron March 22, 2014
Playstation Owners To Receive Playstation Exclusive Content This May

Guitar Hero

All Guitar Hero And DJ Hero DLC To Go Offline At The End Of The Month

by Will Fidleron March 21, 2014
Activision halting DLC Availability By The End of March

How the Internet has Ruined Gaming

by Amy Conwayon March 19, 2014
The internet has bought some great things to gaming, but has it done more harm than good?

Payday 2 Election Day

Overkill Tease Election Day Payday 2 Heist DLC

by Will Fidleron March 14, 2014
Previously Cut Payday 2 Heist Coming Back As DLC

lightning outfit5

New DLC for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

by Amy Conwayon March 11, 2014
From today, you can pick up 10 new outfits for Lightning Returns.

Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 Revelations DLC Announced

by Sean Humphreyson March 7, 2014
The DLC for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 introduces a playable Alucard.